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Emory is an 18 year old noble of Sharan, a wealthy kingdom made even wealthier by Emory's father, an entrepreneur and prolific business man who is the king's aid in finances. As such, Emory is best friends with the king's only child, Cordelian, a 19 year old boy who's being prepped to take over the kingdom. Along with Cordelian, Emory spends their days with Lisia, their personal maid, and Marco, Cordelian's butler. However, Emory's daily, carefree life gets a small wrench in it when he finally meets the princess of a neighboring, rival country, and finds out that Cordelian and her are engaged...


  • 4 love interests (2 female, 2 male)
  • Changeable main character name
  • Changeable main character gender (male, female, or neither) and look
  • No locked routes depending on gender
  • Completely free!


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Paths Taken Full Release v1.0 - Android 89 MB
Paths Taken Full Release v1.0 - Windows & Linux 95 MB
Paths Taken Full Release v1.0 - Mac OS 77 MB

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I laughed WAY too hard at the "swell"

Wow!! I love this game and Cordelian!! <3


I wish you can make an after syory about katherine please im begging you i just want to know her better PLEASE

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As kind of into yuri I tend to avoid males when I have given a choice - and doing that I couldn't get the princess romance route at first :<

If I had one main critic to do, is that the romance part is kinda of narrow. It's a "i loved btw" ending that felt kind of abrupt to me.


Love it! The art style is okay and I really enjoyed the story! I got Cordelian's route on my first try!

hey hey ! this is a really great game but is there a way to get a good ending with Cordelian's route?

i cant seem to get a good ending no matter my choices... is it who i hang out with. because everytime im given the option i hang out with cordelian.


Hey I found this guide hope it helps :)

Common Route

Start a new game.

  • Sit down with him
  • Hide in the cathedral
  • I’ll try that!
  • I’ll never forget you.

Cordelian’s Route

Continue from / Load the save game

*Always choose Cordelian whenever possible.

  • Light blue
  • Can you stay longer?

Save Here for Katherine’s Route

  • I wish you well.
  • I’ll eat the sides.
  • Break the silence.
  • I need to talk to him.
  • I’d find a hobby.
  • Sit down beside him
  • Kiss him

thank you so much !! i was lowkey confused. i really appreciate it.


You re welcome, I was confused to so I understand :)

Deleted 105 days ago

Hi! The newer versions of android seem to have a problem with text input but it is solvable (from what I've tested and testers have seen) by backing in and out of the input menu (i.e., closing the keyboard and reopening it by pressing where to input the text).

If this doesn't work for you then don't worry, you can press enter and the name will default to Emory so you can continue playing.


I just finished it.

The artstyle is good... Sprites are nice

Giving the player option to choose gender, name and appearance of MC was good idea.

All the characters are very interesting. But I chose Lisia as romance option. She's so sweet and cute.

I found a few typos in dialoques and few coding bugs. (In example: Servant once called a mather "lady (surname)" )  

The games was good but I can't give it a high rank. 
No CGs, skipping a lot of events and days, medium-quality BGs,a bit too linear plot and few other flaws...


I loved Cordelian's route! It's always so cute when two best friends fall in love. ❤

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I enjoyed it, what I enjoyed most was ripping the prince out of his loveless marriage by wooing the princess, as a fellow woman, way easier. :) They're welcome. lol

how do you start playing the game because this is my first time downloading a game so how do you start the game?

Once you download the ZIP file, you need to right click -> extract the folder. Then, open the newly extracted folder and click the application inside it!

how do you start playing the game because this is my first time downloading a game so how do you start the game?

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Just finished the demo, I really enjoyed it!!  I'm definitely going for Cordelian, huge fan of childhood friend romances and having a story with all the drama potential of breaking up a royal engagement :)

Can't wait to hear some updates and play the game!


It was great so far! I'm going for Marco.

I can't install the app since there's a error message that pops up when I try to open the  download and install it. I am trying to download it on Android so can you fix this?

Hi! Could you show me the error message?


I like this game!

I'm going for the prince. Who wouldn't, though? :)

I hope you update soon. I can't wait to play the full game.

oh God I feel so bad for Emory. 

Hey I am on mac and everytime i try to launch I get this. I really would like to play the game but I can't.

Error: After loading the script.

TypeError: unsupported operand type(s) for +: 'NoneType' and 'int'


Weird! I apologize for the error and I'm looking into it- I'll reply back as soon as it's fixed!


♥ intersting game, good art, good plot. I'm waiting for more ♥


I just finished the demo and love it, i been trying to get with the best friend but i really hope this gets fully finished as soon as possible i really want to see the outcome of it. it's a great game so far 


Very nice so far! The story is interesting so far. The characters are all very nice, and the art is also very well done. Is the protag supposed to have red skin? Because on my monitor, their skin seems a soft reddish.  And Lisia's skin too, is purplish. Not like that's a bad thing, though! It's rather neat to look at. 

I really like the clothes everyone is wearing.  The protag's outfit is especially snazzy. I had a good laugh at Cordelian's sunglasses, too. Marco's outfit has a nice contrast, with the mostly black suit, the dark purple highlights and the golden cravat. I feel those colors go very well together.

The only thing I didn't like was the sound that played when I moused over save games or menu options-the BING BING noise. It was very loud, and made me jump. 


Very cool game so far. It's nice seeing a court themed game with modern elements, like television and so on. It's unusual and refreshing!

I like all the characters so far - though I don't know the princess very well for now, obviously.

One thing that bothered me is that at some point the music stopped and didn't resume at all - it would have been nicer to have it all along - but then again, it's an early demo.


Loving the story so far. I can't wait to read the rest. ^_^


Hey just wanted to let you know, this little text blurb popped up during the opening storyline. Artwork is great so far though!

Fixed it- thank you for telling us!


Happy to help!


Wow, released only 20 minutes ago?! I've never been this early! :D Can't wait to try out the demo! When is the scheduled release date, if there is one, that is? 

We don't have a projected release date just yet but the assets for the full release are about halfway done!