The Witch in the Forest is about a young woman who lives in the forest and is mystified by all things magical and natural. One day, however, she meets another young woman living deep in the forest- a real witch!

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The Witch in the Forest (TWITF) is centered around Fidelia, a somewhat introverted and socially awkward girl who stumbles upon Jastiline's house one day and befriends her. It's a short, 12,000+ word NVL/ADV-style kinetic novel about their lives as they prepare for their favorite holiday, Halloween! This visual novel was made in about 20 days for the Yuri Game Jam 2017.

Art, Writing, and Programming:

Me, Mikomi Kisomi



Background Photos:


Sound Effects:

SoundImage and FreeSound



Thank you to my beta testers and everyone else who helped me whether it was advice, tips, or whatnot!

October 4th 2019: The game is now playable in browser!

Version 1.3 is the biggest update to the game! It adds new sprite poses, newly edited backgrounds, a new date, and even the option to play in NVL mode or ADV mode at the start of the game. 

Thank you also to everyone who's played it so far. I hope you all enjoy this new update and perhaps play some of my future visual novels. Thank you again for all the support!

If you donate more than $1 to download this and would like the art book as well, please comment or email me and I'll be happy to send it to you!


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The Witch in the Forest v1.4 - Windows & Linux 100 MB
The Witch in the Forest v1.4 - MacOS 83 MB
The Witch in the Forest - Android 85 MB
The Witch in the Forest v1.0 - Windows & Linux (Game Jam Build) 611 MB
The Witch in the Forest v1.0 - MacOS (Game Jam Build) 597 MB
Art Book 10 MB
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The fox girl is so cute

what a twist

Hello! :) Why is the Game Jam version way bigger then the 1.4 version of the game?


Hi! The game jam version is bigger because in the full/most recent release of the game, we worked harder on compressing the file size. So while the overall game in 1.4 is bigger in terms of content, the file size is smaller due to us compressing some assets.


Just out of curiosity: Are we talking lossless or lossy compression here?

Anyway, just got the VN for a few bucks as it was mentioned on [The Yuri Nation] a few days ago. :) Downloading now, and looking forward to it! :)