Version 1.3 - Last and Biggest Update

The last update for The Witch in the Forest is here, and it's also by far the biggest! It adds the following:

  • An option to play in NVL or ADV mode at the beginning
  • New poses for Fidelia and Jastiline
  • Newly edited backgrounds + new backgrounds
  • A new date
  • Fixed typos
  • Better compression

The total word count is almost 13,000 now, so it can take a little over an hour to finish the final build. There might be future updates, but if there are, they will be tinier ones that fix smaller issues. Thank you to everyone who has played any version of this- thank you for all the support!


The Witch in the Forest v1.3 - Windows & Linux 97 MB
Jan 03, 2018
The Witch in the Forest v1.3 - MacOS 82 MB
Jan 03, 2018

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game is to chort play't it out en 10 min and you can let the game continu after the kis way to chort like this