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Can you manage to beat your competitors to be the next top idol- and maybe even win their hearts in the process?

Alice just wanted to get through her internship- but when a contestant drops right before the first episode of the idol contest she's working at, she's forced into the stage light. Can she make it to the top or will she be eliminated?

Alice in Stardom is a free 3~ hour long visual novel about Alice, a college student interning at Supernova, an idol competition when she's forced to be a competitor last minute. Now that she's in the competition, you get to determine whether she'll rise to the top or be eliminated. This game features 3 light dating sim routes to pick from where you can spend time with any girl you like and receive a different ending depending on which one you bond with the most.


  • 40,000+ words
  • 3 girls to spend time with
  • Concert minigames
  • Beautiful guest art cut scenes
  • Completely free!

Install instructions

Download the ZIP files above- right click and extract the files. Open the extracted folder when it is finished and double click the application to open it.


Alice in Stardom v1.0.4 - Windows & Linux 107 MB
Alice in Stardom v1.0.4 - MacOS 89 MB
Alice in Stardom v1.0.4 - Android 94 MB

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The story of this game seems cliche, however the writing was well enough that you can easily look past the story and feel truly immersed in the dialogue. The characters were very well drawn and provide a vivid image of their likeness.

Altogether, the effort put into this game shows, it is a beautiful creation that will make any reader feel delighted.