Marco + Lisia Routes Nearing Alpha

Hi guys!

I realized that we should start to post more devlogs here, so that's exactly what I'm doing. Marco and Lisia's routes have been fully written for a couple of months now and they are finally almost done being coded into the game and ready to be beta tested! I've included a couple of screenshots from this new addition. I'll also be updating the demo soon with some fixes.

By all means we should definitely be able to release Paths Taken in 2019 on, Steam, Google Play, and the Amazon App Store (for free, of course), so I hope you guys will enjoy it!

Other places you can follow our development at:

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yay i can't wait to see more but would also love to try them routes out and see what happens, but thing i also wondering is if you choose to be a girl on your game will there be any dress scenes at all, it's fine if not because it still is a great game.

We actually hadn't thought about that! We'll consider adding it to the full game.

Thank you for your support!


yay thank you for considering it ^^ i just thought it could be amazing to see how shocked they be to see your main girl in a dress and how pretty or beautiful she looks because they not seen her in dress before it could be a ending scene but they just guesses but still thank you so much for your game's and answering back ^^ it means so much and can not wait to see the full game ^o^ it will be so amazing