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Varsha is a young witch who has just graduated high school. While their friends were off jet setting and travelling around the world, Varsha had to go back to their hometown Lynnsdale to take care of their grandparents who ran a small magic store. There were two major issues though: one, magic is strictly banned and two, their grandparents store is on the verge of bankruptcy.

Play as Varsha as you try to revive your grandparent's store, avoid scrutiny by the authorities, and find love—all in one summer.


  • Pick from 2 main character designs to play as as well as your pronouns
  • Spend time with 2 love interests
  • Over 25,000 words
  • An art gallery with CGs and guest artwork

Team Members & Credits

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A Pinch of Magic - v1.0 Windows 91 MB
A Pinch of Magic - v1.0 MacOS 89 MB
A Pinch of Magic - v1.0 Linux 96 MB
A Pinch of Magic - v1.1 Android 92 MB

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Is it just me or does this game just flat out not let you get past naming on android?



My name is Lina, I'm a team leader of a russian fan made group "VNka": https://vk.com/vnkavk
We translate japanese and english visual novels to russian.
Our group have many finished projects: https://vndb.org/p11146
I really like your otome novel " A Pinch of Magic".
Could you possibly give us permission to translate it into russian?


A very enjoyable creation, I think the pacing was right where it needed to be for a game of that length.  But for a sequel, I'm imagining a Mortal Kombat-esque fighter in which our MC fights her way up the mountain to seek revenge on her grandma.  "Friggin' broke?!?  Really?!?*POW*


beautiful art style !


I loved the game! Really appriciate being able to change the mc's pronouns!

Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it ♥


this is really random, but did you have any inspo for MC's jacket? its so cute!

We have a whole devlog on how the MC was designed! You can read it here.


i love this game < 3

Thank you for playing it! ♥

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I really loved this game, looking forward to more awesome games like this


Thank you so much!! I'm so happy you like it, thank you for playing it!! ♥


I absolutely loved this game. The artwork is BEAUTIFUL, and I was surprised that I actually really enjoyed the plot regardless of the game not being too long. I'm definitely gonna be checking out more games!

thank you, we're super happy you liked it!


This was such a lovely experience, I loved the dynamic between characters, especially Kia and MC. Thank you!!!!! <3


This is such a lovely game that I had to make an account just to say so. The artwork is gorgeous. The prose was a little purple for my taste at the very start of the game, but it quickly finds a balance as the game goes on.

I knew it was going to be short, so I wasn't expecting the story to be that good. There were genuinely touching moments. I hated Mikhail at first, but I came to appreciate him as the story went on. I can't really say why without spoilers, but he does grow as a character.


Thank you so much!! ♥♥

It's a great game, the only issue i have is that I picked they/them pronouns at the beginning but I was referred to with "her" when the male LI was talking to Baba. Otherwise solid game


🥰 Esse jogo é maravilhoso, além de bem feito e as conversas não serem cliches fala sobre determinação, esperança e consciência ambiental 💞 Deu vontade de ter um café perto da praia kkkkkk 🌊 🌈


It was a pretty nice time! I gotta admit, I'd have love for it to be a bit longer but it is ok the way it is ^^
I also missed the "magic is strictly banned". It looked to me like it was just...a secret, but –at least on Kia's route –it didn't have any impact whatsoever.

Out of that! I reaaally enjoyed reading through it, so I hope you guys keep doing more nice thingies like APoM! GL and congrats to the team ^^


Such a good game XD I love the beautiful art and smooth story. Funny thing that when I was half way through Mikhail's route, finally curious about how to pronouce his name, I searched it and I was like, oh he's(or let's say his name is) Russian I didn't expect that! Pleasant surprise though.(cuz I don't know much about Russian names and stuff, I only realized it when he asked MC to call him "Misha" which sounds very...Russian.)Also loved the bickering and teasing, idk why but it's very interesting to read.

Can you please make the game compatible for android arm7 devices?

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Maybe bug : CG didn't seem to trigger on my end ?

I found the art extra good - but wasn't very much into the story (MC being good at everything but overall quite bland - without much reason to save grandma's store but for hazy memories...) and the ending felt a bit rushed - on Kia's end at least.

Because as it is it went this way for me : "MC retake grandma's shop because "why not" ; childhood friend come over -she did not recognize first- with her own problems but the two saves the day doing the shop thing. The end." Heh.

The story would have hooked me if there were more reason to take the store ; if MC had personal problems and urges or kirks, redemption because she'd wronged that beloved grandma ? Social awkwadness ? Glitched magic ? Weird molded ingredients ? I don't know ! Also if there were more bumps on Kia's route it'd helped to make things "unique". Make her angry, sad, making some great misunderstanding or silly huge dangerous project to save her race ! I don't know, just, shake the world, make the story be "the one that did that", not "yet again a romance story like the others". Marmaid could have a different livespan, or have cultural differencies that made a romantic relation super bumpy. Stuff. Original stuff and more bumps I say !


just lovely!


Update: I just played and love it so much! The dialogue is so engaging and natural between the characters. I liked how earnest all the characters were. And of course, the art is simply astounding, so props to the artists. Thank you for yet another amazing experience!

P.S. I put my name as Kia so was very confused when she said that Kiana's name was Kia xD It was a hilarious coincidence. 


This was such a sweet experience, thank you so much for bringing it to us! Kiana was the sweetest and I fell in love with the adorable dynamic in a hurry. Also, the dedication to expanding on some minor world details is much appreciated - clever writing tricks!


This was cute. :) I enjoyed Kiana's route, especially the eco-friendly elements, and her CG was very pretty.


Really good game! I played in one sitting and really enjoyed it :) I played Kiana's route and loved her so much she is so sweet!!


I'm always up for a good witchy narrative, especially one with nice visuals to boot. :) I very much appreciate the player character options in the beginning! We don't see enough of that in VNs, I think. I haven't played the full game yet, but I hope to soon!

(PS: I gave your game a shout-out on my NaNoRenO 2021 Spotlight, if you'd like to check it out!)


oh, this looks very nice! can't wait to play this


Just saw this in my email! I love your writing style so much, you write beautifully. Art also looks gorgeous. Can't wait to play!