The full game has been released! Now you can playthrough the entire story and unlock the new game+, a special section that unlocks multiple endings and a new storyline. I hope you all enjoy it!


TWBU Full Game - Windows and Linux 137 MB
Jun 25, 2018
TWBU Full Game - MacOS 120 MB
Jun 25, 2018

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I like the game. I evened played the demo but the differences between the sprites and the background is a bit distracting.  Also the demo and the "full game" are a tad to different, the demo was a pixel RPG while the  full game is a visual novel. Overall I like the plot! You have something going just try not to sprinkle clish in the Full FULL game <3   

Hi, thank you so much! The actual demo for the full game is on this page- the pixel RPG "demo" was the original concept for the game made for a game jam but was fleshed out further into a visual novel, so it is just a proof of concept now and not a good representation of the full game. 

We're very happy you liked it! ♥


No problem! I am excited for the full release <3