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Compo entry for Ludum Dare #37 - "One Room"

A group of high school friends reunite over a chat room and try to relive the good times of when they were all together, but can their friendship endure the lost time?


  • Nameable player character
  • One whole ending
  • This was made in 48 hours, what else are you expecting?

When the theme was announced, I was extremely happy. As an artist, I've always focused on the art style and character designs more than I should in my past LD entries. But with this, I wanted to do something different, something I haven't done before. So, I made a visual novel with one image, that being the desktop background. By setting the game in a chat room (hence the "one room") I was severely limiting myself to having to tell an interesting story through texts. I see this entry as me challenging myself to be a better writer and to explore more ways of writing visual novels. I hope you all enjoy it!

Made with Ren'Py.


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Nightowl (Ludum Dare Build) 30 MB
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Hi, I recently made the first part of a let's play for this game! So far it seems really interesting, and I can't wait to see what ending I get. Thanks so much, and feel free to take a view here: https://youtu.be/jU-zp5xUdNM


Interesting! This was pretty fun to play. At times, I felt a bit too disconnected from what was going on, though. The whole Nai (I think? it's 1am forgive me) situation threw me for a loop. I really liked this exchange too, made me laugh:

Ame *Casual drinkers
xXMimiXx Yeah, sure. Remember prom?
Ame Not really.
Etoile Exactly.
Ame Whatever

pretty cool game.


This visual novel kind of made me think about my friends and life in general. While on the short side, the visual is very cool and enjoyable. I love the background and the simplicity of the chat room. It would be nice if the characters had more depth :)

Thank you very much! Towards the end of the compo I tried adding as much detail to the characters as I could, but time constraints will always be my excuse ;)