✨ a magical lite dating sim ✨

Mari is a college-aged witch who returns home for the first time in years to help her dad's delivery service. While delivering packages, she meets some familiar faces from grade school...

✨ features:

  • 9k words for a bite-sized experience
  • 3 routes
  • more to come...?

This was a short, semi-experimental proof of concept for Ludum Dare 53, an annual game jam where the theme was "delivery" as well as for the annual Otome Jam. I'd like to expand this game more in the future to include side stories, side characters, and more time with the main cast, so consider this a "beta". For now, I hope you enjoy!

Music provided by Jan Hehr.

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Mari's Magical Deliveries v1.0 - Windows 105 MB
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Mari's Magical Deliveries v1.0 - Linux 93 MB

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just played this and the story was so encouraging! thank you for the lovely art, music, and writing :)


A very stylized and impressively designed short visual novel with very real (even if they are magical) and likable characters and situations. Even thought is short I can already see the seed of a incredible game, I will be looking forward to the full version whenever it comes!

There is obviously a few things to work on here and there but nothing worth mentioning, specially because this was a demo, overall a very enjoyable experience.

Keep up the good work!


This was a fun experience. I liked the art and the story was sweet. Besides the lovable characters, I also enjoyed the light world building. The ending is quite jarring though, as the screen just cuts back to the main menu.


Many greetings and much love from the FreshGaming Discord community!  I'll be sure to shout out this one and your other Crystal Game Works games as well!


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Quick impressions
-not a typical visual novel UI; I'm used to forward/back/etc buttons at the bottom so it takes some getting used to
-no keyboard hotkeys that i'm aware of...
-Cherise is adorable and a treasure; I'm usually not a fan of people in that line of work, tryin to avoid any spoilers; let's just say Cherise changed my mind a bit :)
-it would be interesting if the Carnival area had a daytime image/mode in addition to the existing nighttime one
-noticed a few spelling/grammar errors here and there that may have slipped through; this is a demo so no biggie

Overall really fantastic cute story.  The stuff with Cherise was unexpected but very wonderful to see :)

Takes about ~30 mins to complete with a decently-fast reading speed.


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