A group of friends explore an abandoned mansion... but what's those noises they hear?

Left Behind was made solo in under 72 hours for Ludum Dare #43. The basic premise changed a fair bit during the short development time, but the current game jam build utilizes the theme, "sacrifices must be made", in connection with a choice towards the end. This is a short, around 5 minute game, and could possibly be extended/improved post jam. Thank you for playing!

Art, Writing, and Scripting: Mikomi Kisomi

Ambiance: HunteR4708


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This is kind of anti-climatic. SPOILERS AHEAD

You either try to leave your friend, which ends with him leaving with you anyways, you find a kid and leave with him, or you just leave with him. 

Am I missing something? Where's the sacrifice?


Apologies for the late response!

I'll be making a post-mortem soon but basically the "sacrifice" part went through a lot of changes and had to be cut down significantly due to scope and timing issues so it ended up just being the choice at the end.