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When people need answers, they flock to .help. But what'll happen when the people who run it start running out of answers to their own questions...?

Miyu Saera loves art, so when the website .help hosts a contest for a mascot, she readily applied. Now, years later, her art is the image of Hollie Help, the site mascot, and she's a veteran art mod on the site. However, things start to take a turn for the worse as the website seemingly starts to crumble--!

Entry for Ludum Dare #38 - A Small World, made in under 72 hours. All assets were made during the time allotted and by me, Mikomi Kisomi. Font used in-game was Fira Sans from Font Squirrel. This was made on Ren'Py.


  • Part chatroom simulator, part visual novel
  • 4 fully-drawn characters!
  • Critique my stranger's 1-minute art!
  • 1 whole ending!

Install instructions

Extract zip and enjoy!


help-1.0-all.zip 33 MB


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A really interesting premise for a game! But I would've liked to see more plot twists, generally more plot haha :) And also, very cute character design.