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Welcome to the demo of Asterism! This demo jumps around to days 1, 2, 7, 11, and 12 to give you a taste of what the full  game will be like.

Kotachi received a pair of white revolvers after his grandfather died, forged from the constellation Perseus. His weapons target specters, shadow monsters that invisibly attack people... and the Zodiac. As one of the few who can, it's up to Kotachi to both protect these constellations and use their powers in battle to keep everyone safe.

Asterism at its heart is a story-heavy turn based RPG inspired by astronomy elements, namely the constellations that make up our sky- especially the Zodiac. It can be played in either the base game, an RPG with battles and visual novel style dialogue, or as a pure visual novel with battle cut-ins rather than turn-based fighting. Choices accompany many of the dialogue menus in both play styles, and can determine how side characters end up by the end of the story—including an optional male love interest.

Full Game Features:

  • 6-10+ hours of gameplay depending on the playmode
  • 2 playmodes- pure visual novel and RPG + visual novel dialogue
  • Branching dialogue trees
  • Optional male love interest
  • Several art galleries

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Asterism Demo v1.0 - Windows 242 MB
Asterism Demo v1.0 - MacOS 241 MB
Asterism Demo v1.0 - Linux 247 MB

Development log


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I also ran into a renpy error when I got home and I was unable to continue.

While running game code:
  File "game/script.rpy", line 956, in script call
    call play_map("kotachihouse1.txt", dissolve) from _call_play_map
  File "game/rpg/rpg_labels.rpy", line 38, in <module>
  File "game/rpg/editor/editor.rpy", line 123, in load_tilemap
ImportError: No module named copy_reg

The game that I was able to play- I loved the aesthetics! The music was nice, the background was gorgeous, and the contellation theme is very unique. The beginning setup seemed very shonen, but the introduction to Vulpe was very magical girl. I think I would have liked a more shonen story. The setup is similar to Twin Star Exorcists, at least from what I could gather. I really liked the main character, he seemed likeable.

Constructive criticism- I think the writing at the beginning could be tweaked. A lot of things were explained on the fly and as a player I couldn't follow it as well as I wanted to. How do the main characters know some things about specters and Aligners, but not other vital information? I didn't understand why they were surprised by some of the info Vulpe was telling them, it seems like they should already know this stuff, right?

I came here and saw these errors/issues, so didn't download it yet. I'm hoping to play it on my stream even if just a couple hours or so of it. 


The build was updated last night so there shouldn't be any errors, but please tell us if you come across any!


Will have to give it a try sometime after the Thanksgiving holiday! Thanks for the help 

i was playing the visual novel, but when he got home, it said error something and its not letting me play...


This was super fun to play! but on another note, the characters, they look so good! I'd personally rate it a 10/10.

Thank you so much, glad you liked it!

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Asterism's demo provides a nice insight into the world of Cystal Game Works' upcoming VN. The use of visual effects and transitions is very immersive and unique, creating an experience that stands-out from other visual novels.

The story itself is very intriguing and well-written, I'm looking forward to playing the final version. The art is also nice too, with plenty of great touches.

Great work! ;) absolutely blessing to play

Glad your enjoyed it ♥