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i loved the writing style so much, specially when Alice was describing the singing of the other contestants and herself

and i loved the character designs so much too, thank you for making this :)

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intresting game! this is pretty long which i like to give the story more flow, the art i like the shading and how the girls look unique but realistic, now onto the story, i love things about idols but also the main girl seems so nice and like she seems like she really loves doing idol stuff! this also being a dating sim is really cool! the text box i also love how they have stars becauses idoling makes you look like a star, and laslty the concert minigames are really fun, nicely done!


Totally inspiring. Thank you for making this. 


First ,

I could tell this was a Alice one...literally, it says Alice in Stardom. It was very nice, and  watching the original movie growing up gives a perspective of what life is like a star. Even the books.


This was very enjoyable. Being able to sit in my gaming area playing this was very interesting. 

Last but not least, Third,

I mean, not gonna lie, there are times when it randomly crashes or doesn't load correctly. I think that's just my PC talking, but other than that, Alice looks like Alice. It's nice to know after a while she still looks the same.


I just finished it...

Good story. it seems to be a bit typical and scheamtic but it's actaully deep and well-written. I really enjoyed it.  

Taking part in singing competision must be fun. I always liked to watch this kind of shows on TV. Seeing (your vision of) what's "behind the scenes" was interesting too. 

I really like the artstyle. Great sprites, well done BGs, amazing CGs

Interesting and different characters. Alice is my favourite. She developed herself the most. 

Best romance option? it was hard choice. All the girls are cool and interesting but none of them is perfect. 

Cherry is adorable but silly and a bit childish. 
Mary is very pretty but a bit spoiled. 
Taylor is laid back realist and the least girly one. 

Taylor and Mary are complite opposites. All of them are talented. And likeable. 

They are young but each of them has her own baggage of experience, sensitivity and some kind of "darker" side. None of them has "flat" personality. All of them have interesting backstory and they are "multidimensional". The more you know them, the more you understand thier outlooks. It's is possible to learn something important from each of them. Alice did. They all did.After finishing the game i had to change my visions of them. 

For my 1st gameplay I chose Cherry as mix of nicest personality and smallest flaws xD. I think she is the cutest. I won the contest (and her heart) :D

The game has a lot of endings and meaningful choices. It's impossible to see everything in just 1 or two tries. 

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The story of this game seems cliche, however the writing was well enough that you can easily look past the story and feel truly immersed in the dialogue. The characters were very well drawn and provide a vivid image of their likeness.

Altogether, the effort put into this game shows, it is a beautiful creation that will make any reader feel delighted.