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this is absolutely wonderful, but, shion route when???


Just wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed this game! You have an amazing sense of storytelling and character development. Almost always in stories, I feel as if character changes are way too abrupt or forced. Ironically, though this game is shorter in length, I feel as if it had smoother character development than games that are hours and hours long. I really felt heart-warmed seeing these characters grow close to each other and grow to care for one another. They just felt real and human. The overall aesthetic of the game just made me happy, almost like that nostalgic feeling that takes your mind to a better place temporarily (a bit dramatic, but that's the best way I can describe it lol!) It just left a warm impression on my heart. Thank you for creating this game!

I realized I have played most of your other games in the past, and like them a lot as well!I look forward to your future works <3

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Hey, I was playing the demo and then it just stopped working an displayed "an exception has occurred" message. If it helps, I downloaded the Windows version... too bad because I love the demo so far :(

edit:it happens with the web version as well.


Heya, thanks for letting us know! We'll recheck the latest demo version.


loved the demo! can't wait for the full game. I love merpeople


hmmmmm sounds a lot like a webtoon I read -_



Siren's Lament?