Melody wanted a break from her stressful med classes— so when spring break came around, she dragged her best friend Shion with her to the beach. However, things don't go quite so smoothly when they meet Brennan, a local fisherman, and Crylis... a mermaid?!

Memories on the Shoreline is a commercial otome featuring Melody (the blonde) on her vacation of a lifetime where she meets two (very cute!) bachelors while at the beach. Brennan, the cheeky lady's man who's a bit overprotective, and Crylis, the fugitive merman who's hides behind a lot of snark.

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Full Version Features:

  • Choices that change the story
  • Two dateable bachelors (Brennan and Crylis)
  • Five endings
  • Extras screen with a CG Gallery and dress-up mini game
  • $5.99 Itchio, Steam, Google Play, and more

Writer - Keiru
Sprite Artist - ChocoBerryINK
CG Artists - ChocoBerryINK , Akuaaelgis and Sis-chan
Music - Jan Hehr
Director & Programmer - MikomiKisomi
Programmer - Timka
GUI - Ryan
(full credits in game)


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Memories on the Shoreline DEMO - Windows v1.1 84 MB
Memories on the Shoreline DEMO - MacOS v1.1 82 MB
Memories on the Shoreline DEMO - Linux v1.1 88 MB
Memories on the Shoreline - Windows v1.1 94 MB
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Memories on the Shoreline - Linux v1.1 99 MB
if you pay $5.99 USD or more
Memories on the Shoreline - MacOS v1.1 93 MB
if you pay $5.99 USD or more

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Hey, I was playing the demo and then it just stopped working an displayed "an exception has occurred" message. If it helps, I downloaded the Windows version... too bad because I love the demo so far :(

edit:it happens with the web version as well.


Heya, thanks for letting us know! We'll recheck the latest demo version.


loved the demo! can't wait for the full game. I love merpeople


hmmmmm sounds a lot like a webtoon I read -_


Siren's Lament?