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space pengu +-+ (i like to refer to penguins as "pengus")


so cute >.< 

( satire )


I know nothing about this game but awwwww, now I want a Space Commander Penguin plushie!!!! (And to also play the game hehe >:3 ) 

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Hopefully you will make some merch of the Space Penguins.


This is so cute!


*internally screaming*


hE kIsSeD HiM sO rOmAnTic


i can finally sleep



also nice 'at least one gay kiss'


the story in the game captivated me so  much


The dynamic between these two goofballs is great and I will never not like Kotachi's dense yet harmless antics. Poor Ophi, but we all know he secretly loves it, in that "Oh God, help me" way.

Also if you don't turn those penguin plushies into a real merch opportunity, I'm going to CRY

Bonjour je voulais juste savoir si le jeux étais disponible en français


non je pense pas


I'm always a sucker for cute couples and space penguins...even if before this, I had never come across space penguins lol...

Ohisashi's sprites are amazing btw - hope to see more collabs on Asterism in the future!


Dawww this was so cute!!! I want a space penguin plush now haha. Loved the art and the writing!


Space penguins!!!!!! (this was so cute)


Short and cute. The gift shop being the primary source of income for the free museum, as well as the planetarium focusing on Northeastern America, leads me to believe they were wandering around the Smithsonian museums in DC.

By the by, I would like a space commander penguin plush IRL.


I really enjoyed this visual novel! The starry GUI and CGs are pretty, I like the polished character sprites, the writing (particularly Ini's snarky dialogue, which made me laugh), and the ending made me go, "Aww."

Also: The penguins are adorable. I cannot stress that enough.


This was absolutely adorable, and it makes me hyped for the official game.